our story

It all begins in the 20’s when the Vogiannou family starts trading selected cooking ingredients from the wider area of Serres, region of Central Macedonia.

The Vogiannou Family gets dedicated to finding and selecting fine ingredients, and 25 years ago, creates PROVIL S.A. which specializes in the selection and processing of excellent ingredients along with the development of product recipes for the foodservice sector.

COOK at HOME, a brand of PROVIL, gets inspired by the Greek culture and the importance of quality food in every day cooking and creates unique products to spread the flavor and the nutritional value of Greek cuisine. A good Greek recipe is filled with knowledge, proper preparation and a cupboard full of great ingredients.

Therefore, Provil created a unique line of cooking sauces and mixes for patties in exquisite combinations to cook great dishes without the stress of planning and the hassle of preparation.

All COOK at HOME products are made entirely with natural ingredients, free from any artificial additives and preservatives, so as to cook authentic and delicious Greek food every day!